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The Banshee Wind

Banshee of Savile Row is a bespoke women's tailoring house that use the finest fabrics and handmade construction with contemporary chic.

'The Banshee Wind' showcases aspects of the fabrics and designs that we love... velvets, handwoven tweeds and corduroys to name a few, all cut and constructed by hand to create coats, smoking jackets, suits and anything else that takes our eye.

Director - Aoise O'hUiginn

Producer - Aoise O'hUiginn

Model - Emily Meuleman

Director of Photography - Burschi Wojnar

Editor - Jack Morley

Aerial Photography - Jack Morley

Stills Photography- Jack Morley

Colour - Jack Morley, Burschi Wojnar

Music - New Jackson

Written by - Rocco Tullio Ruby Slevin Aoise O'hUiginn Burschi Wojnar

Styling - Nadia Pfeiffer

Hair & Makeup - Sian Fitzgerald

Focus Puller - Charlie Fleetwood

Loader - Sarah Dillon

Gaffer - Noel Green

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