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With a rich background spanning over 14 years in creative roles, Jack is an accomplished Art Director with a specialized focus on advertising for major alcohol brands. His diverse skill set, including graphic design, camera operation, and editing, has been finely honed across various industries. Jack's expertise extends to art direction, creative strategy, project supervision, and concept development, consistently ensuring meticulous attention to detail and output quality throughout his career.

In key roles, including Lead Art Director & Multimedia at Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard and Creative Director at Droga5, Jack managed and executed projects for iconic brands like Jameson, Powers, Google, Failte Ireland, and Whiteclaw. Beyond overseeing large-scale productions, his commitment to pushing creative boundaries, as evidenced during the Covid-19 lockdown, showcases an adaptive and innovative approach.


Jack's hands-on involvement in crafting a creative vision for Packed.House and defining the visual identity at Trend Media Group in the Caribbean further highlights his versatility and leadership.

Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, photography, cinematography, and more, Jack leverages a diverse skill set. His career journey reflects creativity, adaptability, and leadership, making Jack a seasoned professional who consistently delivers high-end creative experiences across digital platforms.

Key Experience

The Mix is Pernod Ricard's in-house creative agency, the Irish branch of which looks after all of Irish Distiller's portfolio including Jameson, Redbreast, Powers, Midelton and more. Jack was brought in to cover paternity leave for the Creative Director at the time, and was asked to stay on. 

Jack oversaw and developed concepts for many of the team's projects covering everything from TVCs to social posts and label design. 

Lead Art Director & Multimedia


Droga5 is part of Accenture Interactive and is one of Ireland's largest advertising agencies. Jack was brought in for the duration of 2020 to oversee the creative output on multiple large-scale projects for Facebook, Google and Whiteclaw across multiple EMEA markets during the COVID19 restrictions. 

Jack's main role was to ensure all outputs were in-line with the brand's guidelines and goals, design and mock-up all relevant compositions, graphics, designs and assist in the production of the videos.

Creative Director

(rolling contract)


Creative Director


Packed.House is one of Dublin's leading digital media publishers and content creators. As one of the first employees, Jack created the groups identity, designed its film studio, began building the creative team and all its required equipment and software.

Over the next two years, Jack worked on many large projects with Packed.House, for clients such as Heineken and Ulster Bank, as well as being responsible for all of Packed.House's owned brands such as

Trend Media is the Caribbean’s leading digital media house and digital agency. Reporting to the  CEO, Jack was an early member of Trend and has played a pivotal role in growing the business to 16 million USD revenue in less than 2 years of operations.

Jack built and managed a design team of eight individuals based in Trend’s first of 23 markets, Jamaica. 


Head of Creative Solutions

Core Skills




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